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Big event first time: CES2015 & ICCE2015

Once again, I had a chance to attend a conference in Las Vegas, USA.
As usual, after coming back from the conference, I have to write a blog for my laboratory’s website.
I duplicate it to this post in order to keep my own memory. Here is the content:

Time flies so fast…
It has been a year since I went to the first conference in Santa Barbara, California.
This year, I had another great chance to visit USA again but in Las Vegas, Nevada for the oral presentation in IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2015 (ICCE2015). Fortunately, it was the same time as the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES2015. Amazing, inspiring, and happy are three things for describing about this trip.

So, let me take you to the sin city of Las Vegas and you will know the meaning of those three things!


This year, CES2015 was held during January 6-9, 2015 with more than 3,600 exhibitors, 250 conference session, and 160,000 attendees from 140 different countries. The main upcomming technologies for this year are 3D printing, Curved OLED and UHD display, HD Audio, Wearable devices, Health and Fitness, Unmaned system, and Sensors.


The exhibition was very vast, so I will just pick some technology that really amazes me and takes my breath away.

Display is the first thing I saw in the CES. The most amazing one is the Sony’s world tinnest 4K display. It is a 65-inch display called Sony Bravia X900C coming with amazing 4.9 millimeters thick! It is even thinner than our smartphone!

The Sony’s thinnest display in the world!

More in the display technology, there are several Ultra HD display, Curved display and no-glasses 3D display on the row.

Wearable technology is another category that is getting a high interest in this year. Many glasses from Sony, Samsung, and other brands offer different features. For example Sony’s attachable glasses that can clip on any of your regular glasses with OLED tiny display and Vuzix’s glasses that creates images on lense not the prisms.

There are many upcoming unmanned system in CES this year, one of the most popular technology is robot vacuums. apart from the trendy vacuum cleaners on the flor that can map their paths and avoid obstacles, I can see several glass cleaner which can clean your room’s windows vertically!

Automotive sensors in many concept cars also impressive, several anti-collision sensor system, depth sensing system, and driver monitor system are the trending technology for this year. It is said that in 2020, the fully self-driving cars will come to the market!


And the last thing I want to share to you today is photography that I love. Nikon announced it’s first small, lightweight amateur DSLR camera with touchscreen, D5500. And the world’s lightest 300mm full-frame lens with the latest Phase Fresnel technology that makes lens become lighter and small than before.
In this CES, Nikon has a 360° project that use 48 cameras placed in a circle take 48 photos from different angle at a time. It gives you a 360° view of your action! Take a look at this website!

I am trying the world’s lightest 300mm full-frame lens from Nikon

Those are just some example of the amazing technologies that was shown in CES2015, if you have a chance, you must not miss this big event!

Fountain show at the Bellagio hotel

After the CES, I attended the ICCE2015, the conference that is a part of CES. The conference itself focus on any applications, technologies, or systems that relate to the consumer electronics. This year, it was held during January 9-12, 2015.


There were many interesting sessions including entertainment services, image/video processing, health and wellness, automotive system, network technology and energy management.


Rather than many researcher’s presentations, there were very inspiring and encoraging session from invited speakers such as Martin Cooper, who was the pioneer of mobile phone and Prof. Shuji Nakamura the nobel prize winner in Physics 2014 who is the inventor of blue LED. They have very interesting career path and inspiring point of view in engineering.


It was my great opportunity that my paper was accepted for the oral presentation in this conference. I had a presentation in the last session on the last day. At first, I was very nervous because it was my first time to present in international conference abroad. I was really scare of my English especially if someone ask me some questions. However, after I have prepared and practiced several times, I could step over my scare and had a smooth presentation on the day.



After I had finished my task in ICCE, I and Arakawa sensei went to play a slot machine. I spent 1$ in the 1 cent slot and I got 7$ as a reward!!


After that, we celebrates our achievement by watching the show of Cirque Du Soleil in the theme of The Beatles Love. It was a very nice 90-minutes performance. Many actor simultaneously show their skill perfectly so that we could not decide who should we focus on!


This comes to the end of my last trip in my 2nd year of Master student.
I did had a really great time, opportunities, and inspiration from 7-days trip in Las Vegas.


I hope this blog, more or less, can inspire you to have a chance to attend a international conference abroad. Just use your afford as much as you can during writing paper and 20min presentation, you will have a great and worthy experience that you will never forget!

Thank you for your reading.


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