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My first conference: HotMobile2014

It was a loooong silence in my blog. Today, I would like to wake my blog up again with this post!
I’ve just came back from the trip to conference in Santa Barbara, California and I was assigned to write a blog reporting about the trip in my laboratory’s website. So I just use almost the same content with lab’s blog in this post.

Are you ready to read? Here we go!

Of course, the main objective of this trip is attending the HotMobile2014 workshop as a poster presenter, but there might be too much photos of sightseeing in this article. So please do not misunderstand! ><"
From now, let's go to California with me!!

It was 4PM on 25th February, after I had travelled from Kansai Int. Airport in Osaka, I was waiting for boarding at Narita Airport in Tokyo. It was the time I met Arakawa sensei, who always support and encourage me to attend the workshop, ACM HotMobile 2014. He took the another flight from Osaka and from then, our trip was about to began!

We arrived at Los Angeles International Airport in LA, California around 10AM of 25th (about 2AM of 26th in Japan). Although I had sat on the plane for 9hrs and spent most of the time for watching movies, I was not tired but excited!

Today was the day before the workshop, we started our trip with sightseeing around Los Angeles. Fortunately we met Arakawa sensei’s friend who had been staying in LA for a while and drove us around LA.
First, we went to Griffith observatory. This place is famous for the view of Hollywood sign and panoramic view of LA city.

Unlucky, there had too much smoke so we could not see the city.

Then we went to the downtown of Hollywood Hills and stop by Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where famous actors have their hand or foot prints there.

Super star of Hollywood!

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Hand and foot prints

In that area, there was a preparation for Academy Awards 2014.

For lunch, we had the most famous hotdog in Los Angeles, Pink’s Hotdog.

9-inches Chili Hotdog!

We drove through Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Boulevard.

And we had a short stop at Santa Monica beach, one of the most famous beach in LA.

Santa Monica beach was too crowded, so we decided to go to Venice beach which is more peaceful and has more beautiful pier.

The reason why this beach is called Venice.

Finally our first day was finished!
From LA, we took about two and half hours on a bus from LA airport to Santa Barbara.
Our hotel for these 3 nights was Hyatt Santa Barbara hotel.

Our hotel

On the second day, which is the first day of HotMobile 2014, We attended the workshop all day.
We had a breakfast at the hotel. It was very nice because there were many kinds of fruit!


The ACM HotMobile 2014 is a workshop about mobile computing which includes context-aware system, mobile application, security and management. The workshop was organized and supported by many company and organization such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, etc. There was about 120 attendees this year. Most of them were top researcher in this area and were very active.

In every oral presentation, totally 22 papers, there were 15 minute presentation and 15 minute for discussion. During those discussion, many audiences, which mostly were American and some Chinese, ask questions and share their opinions enthusiastically. This made the workshop very interesting.

Active discussion

At 6pm, it was time for me to present a poster in poster&demo session. There were 19 poster and 7 demo in this session. I got some comments and advices from those who were interested in my work. Most of them said that my work was really interesting and very useful if I can realize it ^^

After the poster&demo session, there was a banquet with international foods and that was the end of the second day.

In the morning of the 2nd day of HotMobile 2014, we attended the workshop and listened to some interesting works until noon. Before having lunch, we went out to walk around the hotel and went back to have lunch at the hotel.

A lake near the hotel

In the afternoon, we went out for sightseeing in the downtown of Santa Barbara. We walked along the beach and State street which is the main shopping area. It was not so crowded and messy, I guess it was not the high season for tourist. But buildings and footpath were very nice and well designed.

Santa Barbara beach!

State street, the main shopping street in Santa Barbara

We went to the tower of Santa Barbara Courthouse where we can see the whole Santa Barbara city and the sea.

Panoramic view of Santa Barbara from Courthouse

Then we walk around Santa Barbara Amtrak(Railway) station and Santa Barbara pier.

Huge tree near the station. You can compare the size with Arakawa sensei!

The pier

We finish our third day in California at Enterprise Fish Co. restaurant. The restaurant serving fresh seafood. It was very nice!

On the last day, we did nothing except going to the Santa Barbara Airport, having breakfast there, flying to Los Angeles Int. Airport and taking the 10-hours flight back to Japan.

It was the end of this trip.
I hope you enjoyed reading my article and travel to California with me!

See you next time : >

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