One year has passed so fast. I can remember that I began this year with a couple of best friends in a party room of my campus' dormitory in Nara. It was cold and white. The snow was covering every single millimeter on that new year day. What I was concerning at the very beginning was just about my new life here in Tokyo as a full-time saraly man. What will I be? Will the work be hard? Will I have friends? and will I have time to take photos?

I got my Master's degree and moved to Tokyo in late March. It's eight months already since I've left my HOMETOWN in Japan. All the question was clearly answered gradually. I'm still here. I'm happy. My work is hard but fun. I have a lot of awesome friends. And the best thing, I have much more chance for my shots.

Let me take you through the another glory year of my photography.
Less object but more place. Less animal but more jungle. Less in town but more on mountain.

The 24 best shots of Poomillust Photography in 2015

1. Zion National Park

In January, I was travelling in a tour van heading to Zion national park. Being alone gave me the chance to sit in the front seat with the guide. He pointed out a lot of things ahead. This is one of them. The sandstone mountains of Zion national park, Utah, USA.

2. Grand Canyon South Rim

In the same trip with Zion, I went to the wonder of the world, Grand Canyon. Everything is huge and gorgeous. It was so cloudy and misty that I could barely see the view. Visibility was less than 2km. Coming late's better than never come. Soon after the sun set, the cloud and mist revealed the gigantic art of nature. Colorless canyon reminds me that color is not the only beauty of a thing.

3. Shirakawa-go

Back to Japan in March. Just before my graduation. My beloved family visited me and we went to the world herritage village in Shirakawa-go, Gifu prefecture. The unique shape of houses with snow and a leafless tree beside is the memorial picture of every tourist.

4. Spring of Yoyogi park

The only one photo of Sakura in this year. Couples were holding their hands, group of friends were drinking and laughing loudly, but I was taking photos alone in this joyful Yoyogi park of Tokyo. Just the day before I started my work. So excited.

5. Showa Kinen Park

Spring, the season of begnning. Flowers start blooming. Students start a new academic year. Salary men start working in new companies. Me too, started my new chapter as a full-time Computer Engineer. This colorful tulip in Showa kinen park, Tokyo shows the coming of colorful season of the year.

6. Fuji - Shibazakura Festival

Continue with the colorful season from Mt.Fuji at the Shibazakura festival in Yamanashi prefecture. I visited there for the first time, the pink moss was amazing. So pinky and vivid.

7. Fuji - Yamanaka lake

It was a chill and calm dawn in May. The sky above was clear and blue, the lower air was foggy and white. Mt.Fuji was standing gently on the otherside of the Yamanaka lake showing its reflection on the water. I was runnig from place to place to find the best location and some foreground. But finally, the shot I took from the first location obviously is the best. Not about the location or foreground, but the clouds and colors. It is the meaning of "moment."

8. Kegon Falls

The 75m tall waterfalls in Nikko national park. The falls itself is comparatively normal but I like the nice shape of the surrounding rocks. It gives me the image of waterfalls in Iceland (Which I saw in others' photos).

9. Fuji with Milky way

When the summer comes, the snow on top of Mt.fuji melted and hikers started to challenge their heart to climb 3,776m, the Japan's tallest, mountain to the top. It was my first time to taking photo with a group of Thai photographers living in Tokyo. They had checked the weather, star map and the location precisely that the megical moment would happen on top of Mt.Takazasu. Around midnight, as they had calculated, the milky way slowly moved to exactly over the top mt.Fuji. Like the volcano erputing stars. Mt.Fuji with milky way is my BEST shot of this year.

10. Fuji red tip

Be at one place then get two photos. The same location with the previous shot of Mt.Fuji and milky way. When te sun began to rise, the sky was still clear and colorful. Soon after the sunlight hit the peak, the dark gray volcano turned to vivid red. It was just 1-2 minute of a rare clear day in summer that you can see this phenomenon.

11. Takao trail

One activity that you can do only in Summer is Hiking. I didn't have a chance to go hiking in the Alps this year (Acutally once but failed due to the typhoon). However there are so many mountains you can enjoy inside Tokyo. Takao is one of them. It was my second time to climb (or you can say walk) up to the top. But this time I continued to the another mountain called Shirouma. The trail was less crowded but long enough to drain your energy. 22km in total but pretty easy one.

12. Light house of Zanpa cape

I visited Okinawa island for the first time in September for skuba diving. Unlike the sea around here, over there's was super clear and warm. Many small and large fishes living around the island were colorful and various. But I couldn't get a shot for it. Instead, I had a great moment at the Zanpa cape on the Oknawa's main island. The setting sun at the clear skyline with the slowly moving cloud overhead made that evening be the most beautiful sunset of the trip.

13. Fuji - Takabocchi

In late summer, October, I had an another chance to chase the sunrise with Mt.Fuji. This time was Mt.Takabocchi in Nagano prefecture. After a 4 hours journey in the late night. We arrived at the place at 2am. The view in front was so charming. The star shining brightly and solely without the moon and the fog drifing over the Suwa city and lake. Mt.Fuji was so far that we could see it as a tiny object at the skyline. 5am, the sun started to shine and colored the clear sky. The fog known what to do, slowly reveal the lake and city below.

14. Brightness in the jungle

Second time of hiking in the midst of trees alone. This time I went to Mt.Kawanori, in the farwest of Tokyo. The trail was normal not easy, not hard. On the way back to the civilization, the sun is setting down and the mist started to cover the trail. I had a sense that something was going to happen. So I stop walking and pull out my camera and hold it on my hand. Five minute later, the mist became thinner letting the sunlight pass through the layers. The rays of light spreaded all around the pine jungle. I held my breath and pressed the shutter nonstop.

15. Falls on a trail

Another hiking solely in Okutama in early autumn. The path was parallel with a stream. I stopped by a tiny falls on the trail. Although it's not famous, I like the arrangement of the rocks and autumn leaves on them.

16. Autumn mountain

I love Autumn. Not only because of the color of leaves but also the weather. Not too cold, not too hot. I went to Okutama area in Tokyo for 4 times in two mounths (Half of my weekends). Its is a city in the valley which is very famous for autumn leaves. As I bored of autumn trees in the city, I hiked up to the mountain for more special view instead. I chose Takanosu, the 1300m high moutain furnished with colorful trees and mountain. After a 4 hrs hike. I arrived at the top. The landsacpe was spectacle. The mountain layers full of various colorful autumn leaves.

17. Autumn leaves on Takanosu

When I go hiking. I always keep my camera inside my backpack so that I can focus on hiking and keep my gears safe. But not this time when I went to Takanosu. The surrounding was beautiful, and charming. That time I realized that taking photo of autumn trees on the mountain is a very difficult task. Not to mention the exhaustion, the angle and view are so limited and you have to find the appropriate slopes and colors at the same time.

18. Aso Meadow

My first feeling when I was there is "Woww is this really Japan??" The landscape is so different from what I had ever seen in Japan before. The yellow wide meadow and the good shape of mountain made Mt.Aso be one of my favorite place so far.

19. Silent land

Late evening when the sun was going to set. The temperature dropped to nearly the freezing point. All the tourist had left the place. I was still there. It was the great time for landscape photography. There is a small lake nearby the tourist spot where the view of Mt.Eboshi and its reflection is in front of you.

20. Fuji and Ocean

It was a great day in late Autumn of December. I was with my friends at Jogashima island in the Miura peninsula. The clear sky reveals the brilliant view of mt.Fuji on the other side of the Sagami bay of Kanagawa prefecture. The sunlight perfectly painted the sky into pastel colors and brighted up the cliff and strong waves of the blue sea. I was blissfully admiring the view while waiting for the waves to hit and splash over the cliff.

21. Fuji and rocky beach

Many of my friends asked me, why do I like landscape photography. Two answers comes to my mind; 1.) I love travelling. While you travel, you see the view, you shoot the landscapes. 2.) I'm in to the beauty of nature. I love watching sunset. I love walking in the midst of mountain. And I love listening to the sound of waves.

22. Fuji - V Shape

It was a glory morning in early winter of December. My friends and I were at the super nice location on top of Mt.Takayama in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. We had arrived there since 2am. The sky was so clear and million stars were blinking. We waited until the sun began to rise. The sky was so vivid. Mt.Fuji stood out smartly behind a layer of mountains. Two mountains at the front overlap on each other making an amazing V-shape frame that looks like a vertical flip of mt.Fuji.

23. Fuji - Failure

Your wish does not come true every day. I went to Hakone for the last trip of this year. The cloud was covering the embarassing mt.Fuji all that afternoon. When the time came, the sky was burning red in the far distance. But the cloud was still there forming bigger and bigger. There was no sign of the peak. Yes, I was disappointed, but still happy. Happy to wait and hope. This photo reminds me that the failure, once you are ready, is not too bad. You can hope but never forget to prepare for the disappointment.

24. Those who made my year

The last shot of my selection, I would like to dedicate to five Thai people. Those who gave me a ride. Those who accepted me to be a part of them. Those who shared everything they have freely to me. Those who had never let me take photo alone. Those who gave me opportunities to take more than one-third photos in this article. Sakarin Sawasdinaak, Mahalarp Teeradechyothin, Jirat Srisabye, Wiennat Mongkulmann, and Nopasorn Kowathanakul. You guys made my year.


Old year is passing, new year is coming. My life is still moving on, in the direction that no one knows if it is right or wrong. One thing that I keep in mind is "Just make every single day happy. Happy to me, and to others as well."

I take photos with happiness. And I hope they make you happy, too.

May the light be with you.

Happy New Year 2016

: )

Nuttapoom Amornpashara
2015 . 12 . 24