Another winter has come again as usual. It is my 4th winter in Japan already
but I can still remember the very first feeing when Japanese snow fell down on my hand.
It was cold, just like what it is right now.

This year, I became much more busy with my work on weekdays. However, I still went travel on weekends so often that my colleague once asked me whether I take a rest. After the tragedy of my knee on a mountain in November last year, I could not have a serious hike anymore. So most of the photos I took in this year are on plains or some small mountains.

Here I choose 24 photos I love the most in this year for you.

I do not have much time to describe details of each photo deeply in this year.
So please enjoy the timing, color, and object in my photos instead when the description is too short.

The 24 best shots of Poomillust Photography in 2016

1. Tadami Railway In The Snow

It was a freezing stormy day. We departed Tokyo in the late night heading to a small town in Fukushima. The snow fell heavily along the way. It was my first time to travel on the road in the snow storm. We arrived there before dawn. Hiked up to the view spot in ten minutes. There was snow in every single millimeter. The two-cars Tadami train slowly acrossed the silver Tadami river. Just like a scene in fantasy. Tadami Railway, Mishima City, Fukushima Prefecture
9.10am - 2016.01.30

2. Fuji - Close Up

It was a easy 2 hours hike to see this, one of the most beautiful side of Mt.Fuji. Two ridges are lining in parallel to each other. Heart-shape of snow can be visible on this side. When the Sunlight firstly touches the whity snow at the top, it was just an absolutely wonderful shining. Mt.Mitsutoge, Yamanashi Prefecture
6.28am - 2016.02.28

3. Fuji - Mitsutoge

An another shot from Mt.Mitsutoge. A mountain partly covered with snow and the Mt.Fuji behind. It was the worst condition I've ever experienced. Fierce gust with the temperature droped to -15 degrees at the top. Super cold. Mt.Mitsutoge, Yamanashi Prefecture
6.39am - 2016.02.28

4. Sakura Canal

Faraway in a rural area of Yokohama, there is a small canal. Sakura above. Tulip below. Such a beautiful place. Egawa seseragi midori michi, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture
5.32pm - 2016.04.02

5. Hanging Plum

The very first sign of spring. Plum flowers, the same family with Sakura, start to bloom a bit earlier than its sibling. Jonan gu shrine, a well-known shrine for plum blossom in Kyoto. Never miss this place if you visit Kyoto too earlier to see Sakura. Jonan Gu shrine, Takeda city, Kyoto Prefecture
9.35am - 2016.03.05

6. Hallstatt in the calm

Lovely town in Austria with the drifting fog on the mountain. Best destination in eastern Europe that you MUST go. Hallstatt, Austria
6.55am - 2016.04.10

7. The Pearl Of Bohemia

Cloudy morning in Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
5.59am - 2016.04.11

8. Romantic Prague

Beautiful metropolis of Czech Republic full of red-roof buildings, trams, and bridges. The Prage castle is located on the very top of a hill in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic
7.25am - 2016.04.13

9. Back To The Medieval Age

The most perfect middle-age town in Europe. I like this town the most. The architecture of buildings, towers, walls, and town gates are so charming. Another highly recommended town in Germany. Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany
8.13pm - 2016.04.13

10. Fuji - The Summer Volcano

Mt.Fuji in summer without snow. Only green and brown. I really like the mood and tone of this picture. Motosu lake, Yamanashi Prefecture
4.38am - 2016.06.10

11. Fuji - The Pearl

My second trial for this amazing shot of Moon setting right over Mt.Fuji, so-called 'Pearl Fuji', with the reflection on the water. This time it was successful! Yamanaka lake, Yamanashi Prefecture
3.16am - 2016.05.21

12. Fuji - Eruption Of The Stars

Same place & same month with last year's photo of Mt.Fuji with milkyway. This time I chose my bright 50mm f/1.8 lens to capture a clearer phenomenon of the year. Mt.Takazasu, Yamanshi Prefecture
1.38am - 2016.07.10

13. Fuji - The Gorgeous View

At the top of Mt.Shindotoge, you can find this stunning view of Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko lake. The clouds drifting on the vivid sky. And the fog comming up from the lake. Wonderful. Mt.Shindotoge, Yamanshi Prefecture
5.44am - 2016.10.16

14. Snowy Pine On The Green

Scatterd snow covering pine trees on the green montain. A beautiful scene in Autumn you can rearely see. Mt.Hakkoda, Aomori Prefecture
10.48am - 2016.10.22

15. Autumn Road

On the Hakkoda ropeway taking you to the top, you can see this 360-degree colorful autumn trees surrounding you from above. Just like nowhere else. Mt.Hakkoda, Aomori Prefecture
12.24pm - 2016.10.22

16. It's Autumn And It's Ending

I love the shapes of the leafless tress with the background of different types of autumn tree. I think it's not easy to get this kind of shot again in any other places. Mt.Hakkoda, Aomori Prefecture
12.20pm - 2016.10.22

17. Fuji - And The Autumn Forest

On the west of Mt.Fuji, there is a well-known Mt.Yatsugatake and its broad highland. It is a huge mountain between Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture. Because of the height and chill temperature, pine trees there started to turn yellow quite earler than other places. Utsukushi mori is the place where you can see Mt.Fuji with the autumn pine trees in the front. Utukushi mori, Mt.Yatsugatake , Yamanashi Prefecture
11.36am - 2016.11.03

18. Over The Clouds

Great timing on top of a mountain when the sun shined on an autumn mountain sourrounded by drifting clouds. Mt.Shindotoge, Yamanashi Prefecture
6.59am - 2016.11.20

19. Fuji - The Perfect Moment

I would say this is the BEST of the Best Shots of this year. Momiji with its peak color. Sea of fog on the surface. Fishermen fishing on the boat. And the snowy Fuji after heavy snow storm. I can imagine no better condition than what I saw that morning. The Perfect moment. Kawaguchiko Lake, Yamanashi Prefecture
8.29am - 2016.11.20

20. Fuji - Autumn mountains

Another day on top of Mt.Shindotoge. This time was the perfect timing for Autumn leaves on the mountains in front of Mt.Fuji. I chose this photo taken after the Sunrise touched the top of Mt.Fuji and mountains below. Mt.Shindotoge, Yamanashi Prefecture
6.34am - 2016.11.20

21. Fuji - Simple

It's just simple. Kawaguchiko Lake, Yamanashi Prefecture
8.24am -2016.11.20

22. Fuji - Glory Morning

It was a beautiful morning at a small pond of Fumotoppara camp in Fujinomiya city. The rays of sunlight glew the fog on the still water. Fumotoppara Camp, Yamanashi Prefecture
6.58am - 2016.11.26

23. Fuji - The stary night

To be honest, I have never seen this scene from the famous Fumotoppara camp before. I randomly ran into there after I got nothing to do while waiting for the Sunrise. The unique shapes of trees with a few leaves could be a perfect foreground of Mt.Fuji and stars behind.

Fumotoppara Camp, Yamanashi Prefecture
4.39am - 2016.11.26

24. Fuji - The Peninsula

The last shot of this year. I took it on Christmas eve. It is a very far campsite in Izu peninsula. Unfortunately Mt.Fuji was partly covered with a cloud. But just the view there is incredible and really worth going. Kumomi Camp, Shizuoka Prefecture
16.49am - 2016.12.24


Thank you for being here. I Hope you enjoy my works.

Stay tuned for my upcoming photos

May the light be with you.

Happy New Year 2017

: )

Nuttapoom Amornpashara
2016 . 12 . 28