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My first conference: HotMobile2014

It was a loooong silence in my blog. Today, I would like to wake my blog up again with this post!
I’ve just came back from the trip to conference in Santa Barbara, California and I was assigned to write a blog reporting about the trip in my laboratory’s website. So I just use almost the same content with lab’s blog in this post.

Are you ready to read? Here we go!

Of course, the main objective of this trip is attending the HotMobile2014 workshop as a poster presenter, but there might be too much photos of sightseeing in this article. So please do not misunderstand! ><"
From now, let's go to California with me!!

It was 4PM on 25th February, after I had travelled from Kansai Int. Airport in Osaka, I was waiting for boarding at Narita Airport in Tokyo. It was the time I met Arakawa sensei, who always support and encourage me to attend the workshop, ACM HotMobile 2014. He took the another flight from Osaka and from then, our trip was about to began!


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